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18th July 2014

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Frostmourne hungers by RinaCane


Frostmourne hungers by RinaCane

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17th July 2014

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archmage-proudmoore said: Jaina/Paladin!Arthas (Jaina in 37, Arthas in 7?) for the palette thing?



Let’s make some light.

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11th July 2014

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6th July 2014

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The famous steed of Arthas Menethil, who serves its master in life and in death. Riding him truly takes a feat of strength.

Warlords of Draenor mount list description for Invincible

today we’re going to learn something about pronouns, children.

1st July 2014

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The Lich King’s Frostmourne (World of Warcraft) - MAN AT ARMS

1st July 2014

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Hey guys!It’s been long. /w\  I was struggling with final exams and,in the meanwhile,making a free Warcraft-AU-themed AVG game for Chinese wow fans.It takes place in Azeroth University,in which Varian(player) develops relationship with one of 5 characters. The pictures shown above are examples of what I drew for that game.Hopefully it will be released in 2 months.    So,may I know are you guys on Tumblr interested in this game?If so,please click like,I’ll also make an English version,according to if it’s needed.   :> 

because arthas

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27th June 2014

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archmage-proudmoore said: Can I suggest Paladin!Arthas in 86?



Do you, Arthas Menethil, vow to uphold the honor and codes of the Order of the Silver Hand?

I do.

Do you vow to walk in the grace of the Light and spread its wisdom to your fellow man?

I do.

Do you vow to vanquish evil wherever it be found, and protect the innocent with your very life?

I d- by my blood and honor, I do.

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23rd June 2014

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Ner'zhul's Dungeon Journal entry is up in alpha. →

I never saw evidence in the novels that he knew any necromancy before his death, or even that orcs would have accepted that from a shaman.

Maybe it’s a new timeline thing?

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21st June 2014

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Twitter doodles of WoW!

Yeh I doodle a lot and if you want to see some daily non-sense making all the moon speaking twitting, it’s over here

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20th June 2014

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Arthas by Leto4rt

Arthas by Leto4rt

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